server problem

can some1 plz help me in gmod i can join other ppls server no problem but whenever i create a server nobody can join it even my friend someone plz help me sometimes its not fun joining other ppls server and u can only build very limited :frowning: so can someone plz help me if u do ill love u forever (not in a gay way) :stuck_out_tongue:


so if i portfroward for example i put on WAN begin:27024 and end:27050 than i do the same to LAN and i type in my server IP ppl can join my server now?

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alright i see the problem i see my server but its in LAN and it wont go in the internet section can someone plz helpp

sv_lan 0

or something like that

Do you host your server through Garry’s Mod “Start Multiplayer” mode or through SRCDS?