Server Problems after update

My server I share with others keeps saying “Disconnect: Server uses different class tables”

We tried restarting, one of them apparently had updated the server, but nothing works.

Can someone tell or show me a fix to this problem?

Reinstall your server.

Did you make sure the update installed correctly before restarting it ?

Try using SteamCMD to validate the server files are actually updated.

One of the others updated it. If possible, can you point out how to do so here?

app_update 4020 validate


My server has the same problem but it’s running on Linux. Unfortunaly, im not a pro-networker or servermanager, so I’m a bit clueless on this. Can I just use the same method as well…?

Yes- launch SteamCmd, force your install directory to your GMod install then update.


cd /your/steamcmd/install/
login anonymous
force_install_dir /your/gmod/install/
app_update 4020 validate

Ok, will try it. Thanks