Server problems: Lag, ability to spawn props removed, etc.

I’ve been running a quite popular DarkRP server for a few months now, and something really bugs me about it. Occasionally, a strange thing happens on the server which makes it so that no-one can spawn props or do much of anything else. We can’t use tools either when this happens (not even Remover). I’ve heard that this is an official feature put in by garry recently, to stop the servers crashing. But I find this counter-productive, as usually the server crashes anyway, and I have to end up manually restarting the server to fix this “bug”.
Basically, I want to know if this is true, and how I can reduce this happening. Sometimes it will happen when very few people (less than 5) are on the server, with very few props.
Oh, and most “laggy” tools are restricted for normal users (colour, material, explosives, even nocollide).
Would anybody care to shed any light on this? If you need any more info just ask :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Bump, would like to know if anybody knows anything about this :slight_smile:

This has to to do with the Model Precache. It’s a little list that keeps track of every unique model spawned. The default size of this list is 1024. Previously the server would crash every time the precache got filled, Garry patched this (finally) and made it so you can’t spawn anything else after a certain number of unique props are spawned.

You can adjust the number of allowed props by using sv_maxprecachedmodels

Thank you very much, that makes a lot of sense! Does that mean that there can only be less than 1024 unique props at a time on the server, or since a server restart? As in, once the server restarts, there can only be 1024 props before it needs to be restarted again (regardless of how many are on at one particular time).
Also, would there be any disadvantage to setting sv_maxprecachedmodels to 9999? Would it be best for me to leave it as it is and just lower the prop limit?