Server Problems

When I create a server on my computer only 1 person can join at a time. The other person say connection failed with 4 retrys. the computer the server is on is the computer i am playing on. I have a belkin router with ip

ok i got someone else to join but then they got a bsod. when they rejoined they crashed my server. what could make this happen?

The Ip “” is a loopback ip. It’s essentially the pc’s way of calling itself “I”. If some one says “I” they mean themselves, regardless of who they’re talking to.

You need to either configure your router so that you can create a static IP for your friend to join, or use something like hamachi to create a sort of “fake” LAN connection. If this sounds complicated, here’s a few guides to help you.

Alternatively, just go on an empty dedicated server.