Server Problems

So basically people cannot delete things by holding C and clicking remove? All it says is “Property disabled for now”,

There are no errors in console either?

Does anyone know what may be causing this?

Shit, should of used that. Sorry.

A mod/gamemode prevents that property from being used.

Im not sure if thats correct, people can’t remove props. But they can spawn them in and remove them using Z. Also admins can’t remove peoples props.

Then it’s an addon doing it. My darkrp server works fine using the context menu to delete props, admins can delete props just fine as well.

Not sure :S

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Don’t think its an add on haven’t added anything recently?

Im pretty certain its not an addon. Know what else it could be?

Do you use workshop addons? Because if you do one might of been updated. Other than that, not sure. If anything got updated recently it might of broke something.

Only M9K and everything else is up to date.