Server problems.

Here is the run down, the server I play on randomly has been restarting or stopping for the past 24hrs. Its also randomly ordered, sometimes it just restarts and than nothing for 20mins than stops outta no where. No admins was online to perform this action, and i have even ask if they was on rusty or something similar and they said no. There is also intense CPU spikes that are causing massive lag making the server unplayable which also is new and started around the time the server was restarting, and stopping randomly. No new plugins was added for days now. Right now they are going to uninstall all plugins and re-install them one by one to see if they are the problem. I have no clue how else to help them, I assist in running a server with a friend and nothing i suggest is helping. The weird part is we was running smooth and than BAM out of the blue started lagging, as i said before the owners did not change or add anything to cause this. The Owner has claimed someone threatened to hack them and now we are having problems. The player who threatened to hack the server is named Silver Nightmare. So if he comes on your server BEWARE! During the restarts the player Silver Nightmare was spotted logging off the server when people was logging on. Thus is why were leaning more toward him causing problems.

Is it possible someone can hack a server and cause the problems we are experiencing? Also, If anyone can aide in suggesting how to fix this with out wiping we would appreciate it highly!

Thank you

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Update: They took all the plugins out and we are still having CPU spikes. Backed up the server files so they are gonna wipe and see if it helps, if not we can restore the files and everything will be back the way it was before wiping. I contacted the server provider and they are saying a admin/owner was online and performed the stop. I asked the owner and he checked the logs and they said NOBODY they gave rights to was online when it stopped completely for the night at 1:54amEST.

Reply from the provider.

Ask your admin what the object count for the server is. - some can see this info, some cannot. past a certain point it seems the server cant handle it w/o enough resources and these symptoms are the result. not sure what that number is but its another indicator. oh and can a server be hacked? of course, anything can be hacked with enough time and skill.

What resources would need to be available if this is the case.

Buckets of RAM and CPU power.

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