Server problems

So me and my friend have this dedicated server, we have had it for a while. All of the sudden the server stops working, the other guy can’t connect. But i have another dedicated server for fun that somehow works. We have tried most things but can’t find a solution.

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It says “Server not responding” on the non working server

“server stops working” is not enough information to work out what your issue is.
Providing a log file of the server etc goes a long way.

The server works fine but he cant join, so i don’t see how a log will help. Nor is there one

  1. Forward your ports.
  2. Use a LAN Simulator( Hamachi, Evolve etc. ).

Well he can join the other server but not the original one, which is strange.

They are but he just cant join the original server.

What OS do you use?
Do you rent a dedicated server from a professional or you host it yourself at home?
Did you see anythings that could be suspicious/related to connection problems (like connection refused from X)?

Win 10
self hosted
No i didnt see any

In Windows, check the firewall, be sure that the firewall ALLOW connection from PUBLIC.

I assume you forwarded your ports from your ISP correctly?

The server worked a couple of weeks ago but after a gmod update it stopped, and everything is the same as before.

I just want to be sure. Test this. If everythings goes well, it shoulds say that the port is open from your side.

I tried moving just the addons to garrys mod addon dir and it works.

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It says the ports are closed even though it works

If it’s working then mark this thread as “Solved”.

Its not working on the dedicated server but works on garrys mod built in server thing.

About the ports, did you really check that you typed the correct port of the dedicated server?
The ports are by default : 27015/27005

havent changed the port

Try with your friend if the garrys mod built in server (called in reality: Garry’s Mod Listen Server) work.

Works when i host but he dosent want to because of port forwarding

Like I said earlier, if you typed in, in port: 27015/27005
and it says it’s open. Then, you could show this to your friend as proof to confirm that your server is working.