Server problems

Ok guys, I know there is like 1000000000000 gazillion more portfowarding tutorials. The thing is they never seem to work. I’ve tried it for my dedicated server and my XBox. They never seem to work. Well now im on my desktop (usually try it on my laptop) and I need your help so bad right now. I need: A good portfowarding guide, if its absolutely needed how to set up a static ip. I know I’m doing everything right maybe i just skipped something? My mom has McAfee on her desktop for some gay reason so I cant delete that. If theirs something special i need to do for that tell me again. And last but no least how should I go about gettig a dedicated server? I’ve had countless ones just dont know how I should download/setup.

Im sorry to sound so naggy i’m just tired of going through this process every week with absolutely no success. Help me out :frowning:

So nobody?