Server problems


As one of the million people that have problem with making a own server.
Well I have searched before on previous posts but they were all with dedicated servers. I just want to make a server for my friends and I with the make server button ingame.

Not with tons of programs and stuff.

Well it doesn’t change the problem. The problem is that they can’t connect to it and it is stuck on LAN…I already forwarded my ports so I don’t get it why my friends can’t connect :S Already typed in console. sv_cheats 1, sv_lan 0 and heartbeat.

Please somebody wants to help me. Srry for posting this problem again…I know you guys get irritated of it but the previous ones didn’t worked for me because I don’t use dedi :wink:

Did you give them your external IP address?

Well I don’t really know what external ip address is but I asked to type into console: Connect (my ip)

That didnt worked either…

Edit: Shit placed the forum at the wrong place. Sorry people T.T

Edit: Could somebody make a plan or something to start a server from scratch? Perhaps I have missed something with portforwarding, NAT etc