server problems

I got 2 problems one is with lua and one is making the server crashing …

I made this little program wich would set you in guests if you’re new on the server, if you’re an admin you would go on team admins and so on.

the only thing is I only know how to do this in a gamemode, how can i get this is a program that i can put in like addons to let it work so that everyone goes in the team they belong?

my shared.lua looks like this.

GM.Name = “SimpleBuild” //What is your Gamemode’s name?
GM.Author = “bpgilly” // Who authored it?
GM.Email = “***” //Your email?
GM.Website = “:/” //Website, only if you feel it
DeriveGamemode( “sandbox” ) //Derive from Sandbox. If you want the Q menu’s and Garry’s scoreboard, keep this.

team.SetUp( 1, “Guest”, Color( 125, 125, 125, 255 ) ) //Team guest
team.SetUp( 2, “Admin”, Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) ) //Team admin
team.SetUp( 3, “Superadmin”, Color( 148, 0, 211, 255 ) ) //Team superadmin
team.SetUp( 4, “Owner”, Color( 0, 0 , 0, 255 ) ) //That’s me!
Maybe this can help you tell me what to do.


When I put costum sweps i made on the server, i can use them, but when I delete them from my own map, They won’t download, and i also can’t use them anymroe cause well they arent in my list anymore… Any help here to please? I do sound noobisch but i’m kinda new in these things so…

I resently bought a linux gmod 6 slot server, it’s running verry smooth but whenever someone spawns a jeep vehicle. The server crashes… any help on how i can fix this please? This is the only thing crashing the server and I really don’t know where to start looking to fix this…