Server promotion thread.

Rather than have a bunch of server promoting threads cluttering up the boards I think it would be better to compile them in to 1 thread. Please give some details and the location of the server you wish to promote below.

After several run - ins with a hacker on one of the public servers (see my many entries in the hacker thread) I decided to rent a server where I have the authority to deal with them.

Server Name: New York 1
Location: New York
Provider: Elpis Hosting
100 slots, will increase in the future if needed
Ruleset: classic (pvp with sleepers)

Me and my friends really enjoy this game, with the exception of the rampant hacking (of which the VAC implementation has failed to curb). I plan to run the server exactly like a public server with the exception of having the ability to ban/kick hackers. Rcon commands such as God mode and teleport will only be used as an investigative tool to police our strict anti - cheat policy. Absolutely no equipment will be spawned for anyone and no one will have to worry about being spite banned if they happen to kill an admin’s character.

I have a mature group of friends that I trust implicitly to help police and moderate the server with the vast majority of us over the age of 35.


If you are looking for a classic official server ruleset without having to worry about your hard work being cheated from you by some low life douche bag, come join us on New York 1 and I will try my best to keep it honest.

Please send all proof of hacking videos along with the player’s steam ID number to and they will be dealt with accordingly.

The Rust Public Community on Steam now has a Server + Public TS! for all of the info.

ZombieOP has a brand new server for you all to stomp around on. Server name is [Half Craft Times] PvP Sleeper US Central. We have active admins to combat any hackers/cheaters or people abusing glitches.

We have a public TS for anyone to join if you have any questions or concerns on the server or to just shoot the shit. I should also mention we are a mature/immature bunch. You can find our Team Speak info on the main page of the website I do ask that you read this post before entering, nothing is off limits.

Also we have set up some basic rules to help protect everyone playing on the server.

  1. No Cheats/Hacks. If caught you will be BANNED A.S.A.P. Any and all proof will be forwarded to

  2. No Rock Glitching. This means finding rocks your able to get under, if you use this and make a base, drop storage boxes or to log out inside and found to be doing so, all storage boxes, sleepers or whatever in the rock will be destroyed. Tough I can understand someone might get in by accident, just jump out right away.

  3. No Storage Box Stairs. This will not be tolerated. If you use this to gain a way into other people’s bases it will come with a warning, then permanently banned if caught using it again.

  4. No Doors/Foundations/Walls on Stock Structures. This mean do not build bases or put down doorways in the prebuilt building on the map. This too will come with a warning, if caught again a permanent ban will be issused.

In the near future we will be hosting events on the server for some great prizes, like copies of RUST, Steam Games and possibly even some PC Hardware. So hop on in the Server have fun and get your PvP on !

I think the fact that you listed my entry as dumb speaks for itself and everyone knows how you admins are, quit being a concentration of toxicity in the community.

Don’t pay attention to that.
They just want more players on their servers, even if they gain nothing out of that, there is still competition.

No matter whene toy go there will always be people like this :slight_smile:

Hellzonclan has recently launched a new Rust server. It is a sleeper, PvP server run all day and night every single day with no interruption. It’s running on state of the art software so there is no need to worry about crashes or bad lag issues. We also have quality admins that are ready to help new players, get rid of bad (cheaters, hackers, glitchers) players, and keep everything running smoothly within the server. The server name in Rust is #1hz Hellzoneclan’s PlayRust if you are interested in joining.

so were putting up a server with a a pvp arena nearly finished the build

Servers Current Name is Rouge Nerdy This will be changed and updated.

Thorin make sure to post your server ruleset here

That way you won’t be having to bump the thread ever so often.

ip : (open console with f1 and type net.connect
200 spots, good ping
the server restarts every 12 hour,
events with prices when there is enough players on
not much is build yet, so you can still come in and claim one of the good spots!
mumble server details will be given when u come in and ask.

come on in, and enjoy the best game out there :wink:

and finally Absolutely no tolerence for hackers, aswell as there will be no abusing admins whatsoever.