Server properties tab

So small story here.

Went to go play in Ashley’s Lair server, spent a little time looking around asking some questions and then told my friends I think we found a great server join up. We played for the rest of the night having a lot of fun building our base for hours and dreaming of the raidiing we would be doing in the coming hours/days. Its very hard these days to find a server that is not halfcraft, has abusive admins, hackers with NO admins anywhere to be found or just plain sucks. Sometimes we spend HOURS looking for a server to meet me small groups needs.

At any rate as the night went on airdrops were falling but no explosives, we just figured we were unlucky. We did find a couple explosive charges here and there and we figured someone should learn it so when we do find explosives we were ready to go. “This item has been blocked from being crafted” WTF we all said. Re looked at the same name where it said NOTHING about no crafting C4 and left the server after wasting hours on it only to find out one of the main points of mechanics to the game have been taken out by people that are scared to be raided.

No I totally understand that is the server owners deal and if thats the kind of server she wants more power to her but the fact that there seems to be more and more of this lately and no way to really tell till you get to that stage we could really use a server properties list that states the type of server it is in some kind of list before joining.

And for the record we DID ask can you craft C4 in this server and people said yes. When we found out you could not half the people on the server we as surprised as we were and left but not after wasting hours of game play time.