Server Protection

For those of us who have PAID to rent a server, its annoying that we cannot password protect them. If people can’t afford or don’t want to rent them, they have the Official servers. Almost every time I log in, I find stairs up the side of my house (yes even built to 10 stories.) items missing with no doors or walls missing. Or people use your server as a temp when they can’t get on their main and litter it up with shacks and houses. I paid money to buy the game, then further paid for a server to enjoy it with a few friends. Now we have to deal with hackers and little punks all the time. My point is, it’s my server, I should be able to play how I want and with who I want.
Its like leasing a car and being told who you have to drive around.

You need to remember that this is an alpha… so there are going to be features that aren’t yet ready. You shouldn’t buy alpha-staged games if you aren’t going to be patient enough to wait for the game to be developed… you’re doing more harm than good homie.

Base being raided? Lawdy! What horror. If you haven’t realized just yet, that’s one of the objectives in this game. It’s also one of the many things that separates it from other zombie-survivals such as Day-Z, or War-Z. Raids will always happen. Someone will be bound to have C4, and eventually your shit will belong to someone else. The best thing you can do is better protect your base. Create metal doors, and create a lot of them. I’ve created multiple metal door entrances to confuse base-invaders. The more doors you have, the less likely someone will have enough C4 to break in.

…So you bought a server to play by yourself? Save yourself the money, and start a local server if you’re this concerned with people coming into your public server and alpha testing this game with you. They’re just as entitled as you are to be playing, and you have every right to kick them as you run the server. And if you’re THIS concerned with people in general, and you don’t know how to run a local server, why not reduce the max-slots to the server itself? Stop wasting your money, lower-slot servers aren’t as popular, and you won’t need to deal with 80% of the people you’re dealing with now.

I’m done. This was really dumb though man. Do you really not know what early-adopters/alpha-testing is?

You’re a gamer that’s paid early to test a rather early build of a game.

You want password-protected servers with better base management, less glitching, and all around more features? Don’t open the game for a few months until they release a stable beta/v1.