Server Provider

Right now we’re with Daemon Servers and they are absolutely fantastic but we keep getting DoS’ed.etc and the game server being nulled and blocked for 12 hours. Is there any alternative which has DoS protection? I’ve tried Xenonservers but the ping we got was absolutely godawful!

We have 32/32 most days.

Any help is awesome.

Ukgame is pretty good, It’s also hosted in the UK, so that gives a good ping for the most of us in Europe. I don’t know if it has DDos protection though.

What size of DoS/DDoS attacks are you receiving?

It doesn’t.

It varies a lot, the most recent we suspect was just a small DoS so the server acted funny for a while and then went down, but we have been attacked before and we just went straight down…

Ask your provider for details on the attacks. If they are lower than 500mbit/s you would have no problems on a VPS or dedicated server, which would give you more control over how you defend against the attacks.

Shared gameserver providers are unlikely to be of any use to you if you are being constantly attacked.

(Also I recommend, but only if the attacks are small; not a DDoS protected provider)

Cool, i’ll check em out. Thanks man.

Now-Servers has Cisco but we aren’t currently selling.

Cisco ASA 5505? Useless.

We also offer IP Changes if you do get DoSd.

All of my rage. This is exactly why server hosting people should never be allowed to have an account about their hosting. It’s blatant advertising. OP asked a question, you just throw up the website for your own server hosting without giving out ANY details. I’m not going to rant but that’s both pathetic and silly.

The attacks you are receiving are larger than 100MB a sec, but I’m not sure how much more than that they are as the datacentre we use for Daemon Servers charges £50 for 3TB of transit and 1GB line would be silly seeing as a 1GB attack over 45minutes would eat £50 of data. It may be worth looking for an umetered VPS with 1Gb uplink and as I said in the the last ticket I have no problem refunding the remaining time you have with us so you can find a soultion best for you.

Also heres is the bandwdith chart for the last attack.

I laughed.

Oh wow you’re a dick. Seems like you don’t care for your hosting service, you just want people to come to you so you can get some quick $.

I fail to see how this would help the OP.

Its to protect ourself, we have the ability and know-how to deal with DDoS attacks. I would even give you a free trial to show we can handle it.

I love 24 hour hosts. Especially “we offer no refunds” ones.

So basically you can fuck up someones server, not issue any refunds, and not be liable for anything.

Sounds professional to me.

Take your shoddy service somewhere else. And it’s not called “Garrysmod” it’s “Garry’s Mod.”

What’s worse than your lame-ass attempt to offer server hosting is how you’ve setup your site.

No contact form, just an email link, and poorly structured sentences.

A nice way of saying “we oversell.”

So you’re willing to give someone a trial so the server can be DDoSed to show how well you can “handle” it. Flawless logic.

Wow someone is moody, and if you read other hosts ToS they cover the same grounds. You have to cover your own ass. Also 16 servers on a 8 core server with 16gb of RAM is plenty.

It’s not “moody”, I can just tell you got a few friends together, bought some VPS’s, and said “let’s make a server host.”

Prove me wrong. Show me business license’s as a registered copyrighted company. My friend lives in the UK and says that copyrighted businesses must be registered with the state to carry any real “legal” copyright.