Server questions

How do I limit what weapons and tools people spawn with? I have Assmod but I can only take away their weapons. I want to take things away like the toolgun and the physgun but I cant find an addon for anything that will do that.

Also, how do I stop people from spawning NPCs?


Open your server.cfg file located in garrysmod/cfg/

add “sbox_maxnpcs 0” somewhere on it, and save it. That will make it so people cannot spawn NPCs.

If you do not want anyone to spawn with the toolgun or physics gun, I would need to know what gamemode your server is running.

If you’re using sandbox, open garrysmod/gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/init.lua

Somewhere around line 84, you should see
[lua] pl:Give( “weapon_physgun” )
pl:Give( “gmod_tool” )[/lua]

Delete those and no one will spawn with the Physgun or Toolgun.

is there an admin tool that can make it so I can just take it away? like assmod makes it so they dont spawn with weapons. Isnt there a mod out there like that?

No, the only way to make people not spawn with it is to edit the code or to use some custom gamemode that restricts things for admin only as far as I know.

Any other suggestions?