Server randomly crashes

So few days ago on my server we played map Airbus we had about 17ish players and then suddenly the entire server crashed. At first I believed that it was because of the ragdolls so I disabled the airbus map then same thing happened on another map. I didnt look at the console at the time but whenever I load a server(from restart) these parts worry me. Could all that below be the reason to why it crashes? help

[ERROR] lua/autorun/server/download.lua:14: attempt to call field ‘FindDir’ (a nil value)

  1. AddDir - lua/autorun/server/download.lua:14
  2. unknown - lua/autorun/server/download.lua:25

Included TTT language file: chef.lua
Included TTT language file: english.lua
HTTP failed - ISteamHTTP isn’t available!
Trouble In Terrorist Town gamemode initializing…
This is TTT version 2013-07-28
Checking TTT file consistency.
Using map cycle file cfg/mapcycle.txt.
Bad field in entity!!
Nav File is wrong or something (1)


But if that’s not detailed enough, the first error would only mess downloading of files, ergo - it wouldn’t crash the server, especially because it’s loaded at the start of the server.
The other errors are more of warnings and just a FYI: If an error appears at the start of the server and doesn’t crash it instantly then it won’t crash it later (mostly)

Ragdolls can cause crashes, yes, and so can any other physics object. You are too vague for us to be able to help.

Oh, yes, the crazy physics.
Also by “No” I meant the errors, I have no clue about the rest.

Update your TTT, other than that you don’t have enough info. It may be an addon you have.

If TTT was corrupt, it wouldn’t run.

The ragdoll? so how would I have to go about doing fixing the ragdoll crazy physics? Also today I tried removing all maps and all map related files to check if there was any issues I ran server as minecraft only for now and surprisingly server got full yet there wasnt a single crash. I know I give vague information but tbh Im just as clueless
The addons that I use are
custom weapon awp
melon mine
master chief player models
jihad bomb
silenced m16
map vote addon
point shop extras master
killer notifications ttt
and zed time

I also added ak 47 from

and I created my own revolver gun by combing script from deagle and a flare gun.

I doubt these caused anything but if I get any logs I will post for now I dont have any evidence of the crash.
addons dont seem to cause any problems what what i seen currently however the spartan model sometimes has weird textures eg. green color turns red/black dotted.
Also before the minecraft map had a lot of water effect errors which seem to have fixed after reinstalling the map.