Server Rate unlock question

30k bytes/sec. is the max that gmod can carry traffic

My server hosts upwards of 60 players at a time. How can I increase the amount of traffic that my server can run?

I would like the orginal traffic prior to OB, around ~90kb/s

Is there anything I can modify and what to increase the amount of traffic my server can handle

I have nearly 100mb/s upload speed and its unusable.

You can’t

You need to change sv_minrate and sv_maxrate.

that doesn’t matter, 30k is the hard limit

No, it’s not. I really don’t understand how people can STILL not know what the limit of the OB engine is after all this time.

The old engine was rate capped at 30k. The OB engine has a higher limit.

Notice the 51.45 k/s inbound? That’s above the 30k limit.

that’s what is being requested iirc

what’s your ping without anything happening

also, high choke and loss

Area 4
This area shows the current bandwidth usage. The in/out show the size in bytes of the last incoming and outgoing packet. The k/s shows the kilobytes per second (rolling average) recently seen in each direction.

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Found it, the max rate on the OB engine is 1048576.

then why the fuck is OB engine’s network handling so poor in comparison to the prior engine

things that were 3 times as resource hungry (contraptions) could be used in quantity without severe lag

Because the OB engine was not designed for anything above 24 players on TF2 which also doesn’t have heavy physics usage?

it’s not cpu that’s strained, it’s the network system

I never said it was the CPU that was the issue…

What did you have sv_minrate and sv_maxrate set to in this picture?
Also, is going over the limit the OP mentioned snapshot overflow or is this unrelated?

Doesnt matter what i set the rates to, the most i can get out of the server is 30kb/s.

I want to know who i need to talk to and how much i need to pay to have this bandwidth limit removed. I would like to get up to 500kb/s ++

What files need to be edited and recompiled?

rate 30000000000
fps_max 1000
sv_minupdaterate 800
sv_maxupdaterate 1010
sv_maxrate 2500000
sv_minrate 1500000
sv_minupdaterate 800
sv_maxupdaterate 1010
sv_mincmdrate 800
sv_maxcmdrate 1010

Still lag on dedicated server , choke is like 85, when 30-40 barrels exploding, server located at home roughly 800 barrels before choke hit 80

Latency to dedicated server is 5-9 latency on home server is 4-8

Dedicated system specs for local and colo

i7 6core 3.2ghz
16gig 1888 9-9-9-24
revodrive solidstate raid 0 stage 2

With my systems hardware I should beable to run anything the world has to offer. I know gmod isnt perfect on the source engine… I think I could be doing better than what I am right now,. Could some one please help me and show me whats wrong?

Some images that may help ?

When the server is with 10-15 people its play able but lag is noticeable . with 8 or less there is no choke, no lag smooth as butter

So no one has any information on how I can up the amount of bandwidth for source server. All the people on this forum with epeens and egos galore and we have no solution.

Im appalled.

You are not the chosen one

I really dont understand how you guys are having issues getting past 30k… I literally just spawn props.

Could you please share your servers IP with me so that I may connect.

Newly found.

that’s quite interesting, i’ll have to try that out.

INSANELY helped out my server however I am still getting 30-50 choke,

But what I can say this is definitely DEFINITELY working.