Server Recruit - Smart Team

We’re look for people wanting to become a part of a dedicated community for Rust. We’ve already got the server, 80% completed website and a very own teamspeak server. If you have skills, in terms of setting up server, server suggestions/modifications and are willing dedicate a little bit of you time to administer the server along with us, email us at with your name, country and age and will get in touch with you.

More information will be shared to you once you contact us and we can chat over teamspeak.



Any takers out there? We are serious about this. We don’t care where you’re from or anything of that sort as long as you’re big Rust fans like us. Send us a mail or connect on our teamspeak and we can talk it over.

You can pay me. I’ll send you my github. $65/hr for web development and $45/hr for Lua scripting and server setup.

Haha, I’m a web developer myself and I’ve already setup the server with all the lua scripts required. I just need some people who want to be an active part of this community and help me administer it and give suggestions as to what modification they would like to see. They might get paid later once everything is setup and we have a server with a good amount of players but not looking to pay anyone at the moment.

I wouldn’t mind helping out, in addition to myself I have 8-12 guys who would probably play on your server as well, add me on steam if you have any interest…

steam name: jacob9953

Hi mate. You’ve been added. We will get in touch with you whenever you get online next.


Still recruiting. Mail us or reply to this thread if you’re interested.