Server Refuses to run

I haven’t run my server in awhile. So I decide I want to. So I update it, and now when ever it starts, the console pops up then exits 1.4 seconds later after starting. And the updater says it’s up to date.


How did you update it? Did you try -verify_all to make sure there is no corruption or deleted files?

If the server is CS:S there was a update recently and all old modules are no longer compatible, you now have to download modules designed for the OB engine (TF2).

It’s garry’s mod, and yes I did.

What is your command line.

Never mind it’s working now, I have one more question.

How do I set a scoreboard for the ULX admin groups?

No idea, go ask on the ULX forums.

Never-mind I just got evolve.