Server rentals and the benefits to testing

With the current population between the servers and the stability of them, we have quite a bit of players who wish to play/test the game without the constant banter that comes along with it.

By allowing the player base to rent servers it would expand the population and allow for more testing. Not only more testing but more funding as well. Sell the servers at $1.00 or 50 cents a slot. Tons of multiplayer alpha games are renting servers out. Arma 3 had them from the start, starmade, minecraft… ect.

A lot of players do not play not because this is alpha, not because the game isn’t fun, but because the servers are full and dominant factions have taken hold of the land around making it near impossible for new players to come enjoy the game. This creates a loss in player base. Some players may stop playing all together , some may leave keeping this game in mind when it becomes more stable , playable.

3,170 keys sold, around 300 online. Lets get more players online.


These are some reasons, but I think the very HUGE problem with this game is that after each update there are too many bugs and the game becoming unplayable. This is a case during this weekend, and last weekend too. And I don’t know why, but the changes on the US servers are not applied on the EU server in the same time.Finally there is no informations from developer and they’re adding a lot of thing but the big bugs (like dupe, camp fire, animal’s attack through the walls…) are still here.

Im sure there is a way to streamline updates to the servers. Give us rental servers with one button. Restart. No admin commands, no file access. Just an IP slots and a button that resets the server.

I definitely feel like there is a need for much more servers as they are way too overpopulated at the moment.

No just no :suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide:

It’s hard for people to play when you N-Step all day

I don’t think that the developers should start renting out servers YET, but in the future, i’d like that.

well next time train your team to N-step better against us. then you can beat us with exploits instead of using them and still getting wiped the fuck up.

:slight_smile: wipe monday YAY

I kidna agree with OP. It then gives me time to enjoy this game and find bugs. :slight_smile:

hang on. Is Shadow Walker the imfamous n-stepper shadowalker? - Oh sheesh. :smiley: I can’t believe you n-step and still have the nerve to call yourself a tester, when you’re practically ruining the testing for other players… And yet even with nstepping you still can’t seem to get kills.



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hehehe welcome back to the US server, where the kids are worse than on EU and that is with exploits like n stepping. watch how fast they backpeddle when its patched and they continue to call us aimboters.


Never mind, here you go. Failing nstep twice.

Please tell me again why you deserve to be in this alpha.

I agree they need to have more servers as I actually had a decent game for once yesterday and noticed that there was only 70 players online. I saw a couple of people and I did get attacked and killed but I was still able to make a base and hold it, I could not do a couple of things due to certain bugs but I could have held off for a while.

Please stop shitting all over a thread about servers with a bunch of bullshit. What makes you any better to test then myself? I’ve bug tested tons of games, you look like your about 15 i am sure your experience is very limited.

You are stating that my kills are low, which as a tester and I think most would agree at this point don’t matter. If I wanted to go kill everyone , and abuse exploits I would. Also this proves why you are playing. Not for testing but for kills and notoriety. Learn to test my young prepubescent one.

More worried about a stream and “fame” if that is what 25 people watching a stream is.

Fact of the server situation is that more people would play with more servers. Let us, the community pay for these servers , get some more money to the devs, more bugs squashed and more players. Its a win/win situation.


Just watched your video yet you never died, and I see no death message of myself. Yet you claim its me. It could be anyone, it could be someone named after me. Honestly just stop. And stop calling it N-Step, this isn’t WarZ, google N-step then Google Lag switch. N-Step is some kinda dancing.

To be honest with you. You’re pathetic, also your reply does’nt make a lot of sense…

I’ve heard many of the US players talk about you and your lame excuses. All of your excuses makes you sound like someone around the age of 14-16.
You do go around and nstep people, tons of people can confirm this, everytime you guy’s team name comes up, people refer to you as nsteppers, don’t you think this is gamebreaking?

FYI. I am not 15, - I’m 20 and Yes, I’ve been in many game tests so my knowledge is’nt as limited as you might think.

Been beta/alpha testing for over 10 years.

Starmade I go by the name TheMap. I have ample time testing bug squashing. The things that irritate me the most is the fact you try to twist my words around make me and my community look bad. We are here to test and make a game work. We have bug report forums and consistently look to break the game. This is what testers do, not setup a live stream to gain attention.

If anything your stream is a negative towards the whole game as a whole in its current state. Anyone who sees your recent live streams , has you complaining about hackers and the such. Whoever that was interested in playing the game who sees your streams calling everyone “N-steppers” will be reluctant to even play.

The reason i an irritated is because I didn’t expect the community to be so “exclusive” our group is the best we talk to the devs. The last time I seen it this way was in a game called Salem and its about to sink completely.

Mate, listen. Making your community look bad is all you. You want me to highlight all the parts where you guys nstep to proove my point or what?

With this kind of history in testing I am shocked to see you do what do you in Rust.

You’re a disgrace. If you can provide proof to me that you reported the nstep glitch, maybe that might redeem some respect.

If not, well, I could not care less about that long list of emails.


Sure thing Airrox. To adress the grief issue - Its something we adopted from our lovely enemies throughout the game.
We learned from others saying that it is okay to Grief certain combat logging persons. We are wasting our time and resources trying to bust down your base, you just grab your shit and go offline. - We grief the room where you logged out, so when you log back in, hopefully you have to suicide to get out, ending up in you losing the items you were to lose anyway. - That is, unless you logged out with charges. - Is this not only fair? - Stay and fight me off and I’ll respect that and leave your house to be, even leaving a kit behind sometimes, it’s not like we’re raiding 10v3 - most of the cases it is really even fights.

Who of my mates nstepped you? I would like to know - and when. Really interested in knowing this cause it plays a huge role.

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For what I know, you’ve guys been doing this for WAAAAAY more than 6 days. - So please Shadow.