Server resourse

I am looking into getting a dedicated server for my community, however I am trying to work out what resources I would need, and what I can get out of this setup.

1.6 GHz Dual Core
250 GB HDD
2TB Bandwith /mo

How many source servers (CSS, TF2 or GMod) could this run effectively? I currently run 5 servers totaling to 120 slots. Would this be capible of doing that? If not what would I need to do that?

2TB month with 20KB/s per person is around… roughly… 40 slots if full all the time.

That’s your limit, you should be able to host 40 fine with a 2.4Ghz dual core (1.8Ghz, maybe 18 slots per core for RP or 4-5 slots per core for SB).

Considering my current servers have players around 1/3 of the day, I think the bandwith would be enough. I would just have to be careful, for CSS servers, what sort of slots could I achieve at peak? I know that CS:S is less resourse intensive than GMod.

Consider asking that question on the css forum, since facepunch is pretty much meant primarily for Garry’s Mod.

I posted this in the server hosting forum, and garrysmod is on the source engine, often anyone with experience with a dedicated server would have experience with other games on the source engine, I will however post it there also.