Server restarts multiple times

Hello FP,
today I wanted to check my server through the steam server list, and I saw it was offline, since I use LGSM for the server, I gone into putty to view the console, and I saw, that the server kept restarting, like it loads all the files, ulx etc, and then it stops, and restarts, and it keeps doing so, I dont know what causes this, since sometimes the server works fine, I try running validation now, but I doubt it will help any…

Whitestar, try taking a look at your server logs, to see if there’s any useful errors that might explain why it keeps restarting:

You can find the logs here:

I’ve looked through the logs already, the .log files dont work at all(even though its enabled, and the console said its logging), only console.log works, and it only said all the default stuff what happens when you startup, eg mounting etc.

Try adding these commands to your server.cfg and then restart the server, afterwards logs should start showing up in garrysmod/logs/

I mean, the server seems to be working right now, but I dont know why it happened.
also, logs had been created in the log dir, but they were empty.