Server RROR! SendData reliabe data too big. Any information on how to solve this?

Hey guys,
Recently after the new Gmod update all of servers have functioned correctly and the update solved alot of issues (thanks bunny). However we have ran into one crashing issue on our Star Wars RP server and can’t seem to fix it.

Each time our server crashes it often crashes again and again once people reconnect. A example of below from TCAdmin.

5/4/2016 8:13:06 PM Restart SYSTEM Detected process crash
5/4/2016 8:14:40 PM Restart SYSTEM Detected process crash
5/4/2016 8:18:45 PM Restart SYSTEM Detected process crash

What is so strange about this, is before the first crash the server survived 22 hours, and did so yesterday too, before suffering a similar fate of 2-5 crashes within 20 minutes.
The error is upon one client be disconnected or timing out when they loading in. I have only found 2 entire threads on the internet talking about this issue, however both our outdated and non of the fixes worked.
We have used all available debugging tools to try and found a issue with any particular addon and can’t find anything abnormal.

Here is the error we keep getting:
ERROR! SendData reliable data too big (24678)

Any help would be appreciated,
Many thanks,

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There are no dump files.

Is your server running on Windows or Linux?

Windows 7, I saw your post last year, I tried that mattpannel but it did not change anything unfortunately.

Why are there so many Star Wars RP threads now a days?

If you have nothing relevant to the issue to post, please don’t post.