Server running DarkRP lags spikes bady!

After this new update, the server has been lag spiking very badly (pings reaching as high as 500). The spikes seem to be fairly evenly spaced apart. Some last longer than others, while some last only a few seconds, which makes me think it is not the game itself causing it, but rather a player.

I write to ask if anyone has had similar issues, and if there are any known exploits going around with the latest update. If so, does anyone know of any fixes.


Theres no direct answer but install gm_slog and try to keep addons at 7 or below.

I heard the owner of a Romanian dedicated server has decided to DoS attack quite a few GMod server hosts. Might be related.


and since DoS isn’t illegal in Romania, there’s nothing you can do besides blocking / redirecting the traffic.

A few of our users are reporting that its most likely a DOS attack.
Is there anyways to prevent this?

We’ve been having random lag spikes for the past 4 days now and its becoming a problem.

if Anyone knows his Steam id or some of his Normal Usernames that anyone knows of, That would help, or even his server

I just looked over that servers stats for the last two weeks, it is NOT being DDOS’d

Your the only cilent with complaints from that machine, and the machine’s stats show no signs of a DDOS attack.


You must mean DDOS, as somebody pinging a gmod server would do sweet fuck all.

OP, I think your server is just a piece of shit.