Server Running Slow. VPS easily meets what people have said!

Hey there,
I’m currently developing a darkrp server on my VPS I have dedicated to it. The vps has 1GB of ram and 8 CPU cores. The only other factors that could be slowing it down are: the ssh server, the FTP server and the screen server ( allows you to have virtual terminals in a terminal). The server seems to get laggy and suffer lag spikes constantly even when it’s just me and my buddy online. Could it be related to the fact I haven’t mounted CS:S yet? The only other addon installed is M9k and the map is downtown v4c v2. The lag occurs in two fashions, there’s constant lag like the slight juttering of a rag doll. And then there is lag spikes ontop of that!

Are we suffering memory leaks? I checked Top -s ( it’s linuxes task manager) and it hardly breaches 8% of CPU. The ram stays at around 13%!

I’m starting to see a trend here with people reporting this kind of issue and most of the time their gamemode is DarkRP, it kind of makes you wonder.

I’m thinking its tick rate related? What would you say Jewno. If you would to contribute?

Well I’ve said in previous threads that -tickrate 33 might help a tiny bit with performance. I’m not 100% sure if it’ll do much but it’s worth a try.

Thanks for the advice. I am considering coding my own RP platform but need a sustained player base first!

I mean that might not be the problem but I’m sure it should help. I think what you just said would be a pretty good idea if you can pull it off.

If I lower the tickrate, is there any other network settings I should look at changing?

I’ve used a VPS for hosting servers before, and, overall, I figured it would be better to simply buy separate game servers. For one, despite it offering 4GB of RAM and 4 dedicated CPU cores, the servers I ran were stuttering (I only ran two servers, one which was mostly empty or about 4 players, the other with about 15-20). In my opinion, the cons were worse than the pros when I hosted with a VPS. Once we switched back to dedicated game servers, the lag issues were fixed. Whether or not it was an issue with our host and their VPS management skills I didn’t determine. Also, 1 GB seems a little… small for a Garry’s Mod server.

As for the whole tickrate thing, it’s generally better to leave it at 66. There are just general problems with changing it.