Server/Rust Question!

Can I host a server?
We’re limiting the distribution of the server right now. This is because we don’t know where we’re taking Rust so we want to keep our options open. If we give everyone the server and then change something dramatically some of operators will complain about the change. If we make dramatic changes every week – a lot the operators will complain. And this is what we intend to do.

The server might be publically available in the future. But right now we’re limiting the distribution to a few select GSP’s.

After seeing that, anyone know the server hosters that have that permission?

However, there are some privatly owned servers out there as well. I dont know how they got the beta password for steamcmd, tried it today as well. Doesnt work with anonymous account.

Anyone have any opinions on a good Rust Server Provider?

Choose one based on your location.

I agree, I chose HFB because I got get a server hosted in Seattle, my ping was usually around 10-20 and I VERY rarely ever saw any lag.
HFB is on the cheaper end of then spectrum and has its own horror stories, but so do all of the other hosts.