Server: Rust the way it should be

This is a simple rust server, pretty active admin. All vanilla features are activated. We are no and have no lag on the server. No wipe, so you can really build up and keep getting better. The competition, upon growth, will be tough, but as such so will you.

Mods used:
-Oxide (Simple with basic features to not break to far from vanilla)

Come join us, we are friendly and the staff is fair, and professional. We will fight, and eliminate, those who break through the system.

To go straight to the server type/copy and paste: net.connect
in order to quickly get to the server. Help us build our ranks, tell your friends, shoot us some vote. Thank you, for helping build our server and our goal for the best possible survival Rust server.

Also head to the following sites to help build a new server and get more support and perhaps more players. Thank you for your support.