Server rust with instantly guns

Me and my friends are searching a server who have the easiest way for have guns for know the aim of rust.

Anyone know if this servers exist? Anyone know what abbreviations have this servers? Anyone can help me with this pls?

It takes maybe 10 minutes (during the day) to build a gun on a PVE server (since no one can hassle you).

My server gives everyone a revolver at the start (for now). When you get on type /starter

Press F1 to open console when you see the Play Game button and paste what’s below.

Hey man, we have a server that is more of a realism mod based server. We also have a whitelist on the server so as of next Sunday, if you are not put on the whitelist you cannot join /w out permission. We currently have 4 rogue admins on 24 hours a day.

F1 > net.connect

Our server has uncraftable:
Explosive Charge

However you can FIND these things but it makes them more valuable.

Answer his question or don’t post.

On-topic, there is a server named “Battlefield” or something along those lines that has the starter kit mod.
Their specific kit gives you an M4, Bolt, Shotgun, and sights for each.

I cant find that “battlefield” server, can you tell me with more especs pls?.

“Battle Field (/kit starter) M4, ammo, large medkit”

Is at 68/150 players at the moment. Filter by player count, should be within the first few pages.

Thanks, anymore servers like that pls? it have lot of ping from that. If its possible i need one from europe. (anyone know how to see the ip for join a server with “net.connect” ?

Excellant i was looking for a server like that, and so has a lot of others from the looks of it.

Those battlefield servers are a lot of fun. Since I don’t KoS, it’s a great place to go and fuck things up for a bit after getting raided or something.

Can anyone send to me the ip of any of that servers ?