Server Says it's updated... but...

I updated two of my servers recently, one updated perfect, one says it is updated, but never actually downloaded anything.

Clients get the “The server you are trying to connect to is running an older version of the game.” although it says it is updated to Garry’s Mod 91…

I don’t know how to trick it into checking everything for consistancy.

Are you using One HLDS Update tool for both the servers?

Yes, I copied one of the servers, and put it all in a different directory if that’s what you mean.

So I have two of the same cloned servers, using copied hldsupdatetools. Does that count?

:? well, Check -game Param, and the -dir Param… If they are corecct then add the param -verify_all -retry to the param list.

I did -verify_all already. The odd thing is the update tool is telling me that garrysmod IS updated, but it didnt download anything.

then it sounds like a -dir param Problem Check it

Would the dir be “Desktop\Garry’s Mod Server (RERP)\GMODAPOC1\orangebox\garrysmod” or “Desktop\Garry’s Mod Server (RERP)\GMODAPOC1”

I left out the C:\ Documents and settings crap, but you get it.

EDIT: That fixed it! Thanks.

“Desktop\Garry’s Mod Server (RERP)\GMODAPOC1”

That is the correct one. (add the whole dir though)

But if it fails… just save your addons then Re-Install the server