Server Screenshots!

Hey there folks,

I would like to know if there’s a screenshot server-side that admins can use.

There’s a guy in my friend’s server that looks like cheating to me and more 2 friends. But I still have no proof, so we can’t just do anything about it (but every time we go investigate, something really stupid and strange happen).

ps: If there’s a screenshot feature, how do I take screenshots from every players on the server?

Screenshots would be handled by the client, not the server. The server would have to load up a copy of the Rust rendering engine to take screenshots.

Wait for VAC to assign them the red badge of shame if they’re guilty.

Well thats bad… I hope they add that feature.

Doesn’t Counter Strike for example added that feature to servers to check for visual cheaters?

ps: I use to use it on other game with Punk Buster Server side and the Screenshots would be saved on my PC (which was the server hosting PC).


Counter-Strike is not anything like Rust. Counter-Strike can record demos and has spectate functions.

It is totally impractical to record a demo of a Rust server because the server could be running for days with 50+ players in it.

Counter-Strike rounds usually last 5 minutes or less with 32 players or fewer.

Not the same thing at all.

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Punkbuster is not reliable. It’s detected itself.

Yeah I hate Punk Buster after they added the processes running in our PC.

My antivirus reporting as trojan and deleting (and Mcafee I couldnt add it to exception back then).

It also can search the whole pc and upload anything they think it looks like cheats.

Demo function is heavy, but hey manual server screenshots of like 600x480 pictures of each player, I think it wouldn’t have a huge impact on the server (but would help admins a lot).