Server screwed up?

I followed the steps on the wiki and got everything down (almost) to a T up until I got lost around the port forwarding area. I put all the ports suggested on -

( )

into my router and I’m lost at the part with server.cfg . I had to have screwed something up. Earlier on in the process of downloading files I skipped tf because my I had some problem, but I finished everything else. Here are some pics. I might add more.

The did not understand the error I got in when running server_info (received from the wiki; bat file). It actually gave me this error before any of the server.cfg crap.(when I opened it in the Source Dedicated Server Tool" thing

Did I do something wrong in server.cfg?

Can anyone help? I’ve been trying to set this up since 11:30 this morning and now it’s 5.

just press ok to them and it should work

edit nvm about the second one… that happened the same to me! are you running windows vista or windows 7?

I did, but yet no-one can join. Why isn’t it reading from Server.cfg?

what i did is i only put -game garrysmod and it worked for me :slight_smile:

Yes, but I still can’t spawn npc’s and no one can join. I checked my ports and it says they are open.

EDIT: also, if you look at the pictures it says could not exec. server.cfg which means I can’t change ANY settings.

Anyone know how I can get my Server.cfg to be read by my server based on the pics in the OP?