Server Script that Invites Users to steam group?

Hey all. I noticed in other games (TF2, to be precise) that some servers have some form of script in which when a person connects they are automatically invited to the steam community group of that server. Would this be a possible thing to do in Gmod with lua, and if possible could someone do it please? thank you.

Automated instructions with the Steam community breaks the ToS. Nor can you open URLs in the HTML implimentation of lua that don’t start in http://

Basically, you need to redirect them with a php or other form of script on the website, and it still breaks the ToS

Sorry i did not know that. I just figured it was a mod communities had installed on their servers.

Disregard my request.

Well, they have all of these URLs you can type in a browser. Just make an MOTD and use a meta redirect to one of those and you’re good to go.