Server Script to Enable PVE during the Day, PVP during the night?

Is something like this possible?

If it isn’t do you think a feature like this could be interesting to play with? Having Forced PVE during the day could focus on resource gathering, encouraging a safer time to build, making it possibly easier for towns to develop. Then having forced PVP at night could lead to more organized raids, or allowing for players who don’t want to participate to keep themselves relatively safe behind their locked doors.

Not my cup of tea, but I’m sure there are some who would like it.

I actually like this idea a lot. If they allow server owners to script for their own servers (like Garry’s Mod or Counter Strike Source) then this is a feasible idea and will definitely be scripted when the server files are released (in fact I might even take the initiative and go ahead and do it - I love this idea. PvP is always so much more intense at night anyways).

I really hope they let servers customize the server script. Only time will tell, I suppose.

I thought there was a way to customize the server script, there are modded servers after all as well.

Currently the only modifications you can make to the server are config variables. Changing things like sleepers and craft duration will cause the server to enter the “Modded” section of the server browser. In vanilla Rust, there is no way to do this.

I am currently working on a serverside modding API however that will allow you to make such a modification via a Lua script, I’ll make sure to hook some time methods so this can be done.

Awesome, much appreciated! Looking forward to that! :smile:

How do you do this while remaining VAC Friendly?
Also will this be open source?

I was also interested in writing some server side controls for the server we are hosting but I want to play nice when VAC is eventually enabled.

VAC is only integrated with the client, not the server. The server can be modified to your heart’s content. The only thing that will get you VAC banned is cheating.

I’ll release more details about the API soon, I had a date in mind but I’ll most likely postpone it if the current uLink/DDoS issues aren’t resolved by then.

Cheating is a bit of a grey area when you begin hooking the server to do random things. Many of the server side features you develop would be considered cheating in a vanilla game. :slight_smile:

Are you planning on doing an open source project?

The server isn’t associated with any specific steam account, and it would be kind of unfair to VAC ban unsuspecting people who join a random interesting looking server which turned out to be booby trapped, wouldn’t it :wink:

Don’t worry, the only thing that can get you a VAC ban in Rust is using a clientside cheat such as an aimbot or a speedhack.

might be a newbie question here, but i thought the server files are only released to official hosters? how do i get my hands on them to take a browse?

That’s some good potentional idea you have got there, though I must say that it wouldn’t either by my cup of tea when it comes to this matter. The idea about making the Night a dangerous time when other players can kill each other is nice, but disabling PvP or thus means removing any kind of risk of dying in the game during the day may prove to be just too easy for people to bum-rush these towns and get powerful equipments instead of putting themself at risk where PvP is also during the day.

Its the risk of being killed by others that makes Rust a interesting game right? PvP is very neccesary.

Good idea though, just not ideal for this game unless they really improved the AI.

“but disabling PvP or thus means removing any kind of risk of dying in the game during the day may prove to be just too easy for people to bum-rush these towns and get powerful equipments instead of putting themself at risk”

This is the exact reason why I’d like to see something like this. What I’ve found in the 200 hours played thus far is on PVE servers, without having to worry about being gunned down, its not about overpowering your enemy, its about gathering enough resources to build a large base, town, etc. But the problem I had with those servers is you get all of this stuff, but what do you do with it, kill NPCs, for me, that will get boring after a while, and interjecting players into the mix makes it tense. While on PVP servers its the direct opposite, since there is such a risk powerful players who are already established can singlehandly stop groups of new players to the server from building into something. So you find on those servers a few very powerful single people, or groups, and everyone else struggling to last at least one night.

Disabling PVP during the day would allow new players to build up something strong, which isnt a bad thing, in the 45 minutes they have, then defend the hell out of it at night. I believe what you’ll find happening is more people grouping together, wanting to form towns knowing when it turns night, all hell breaks loose. You eliminate that tense moment you have when meeting someone new, and you give the chance for a relationship to blossom. While that tense moment is great and good for the game, it’s not lost, you will still have these moments, say being out to long and the sun is setting and having tons of supplys on you that you were gathering, even being on raids knowing, you can leave your base to attack, but at the same time your own base can be attacked.

Maybe not, but I recently acquired a new server and I want to play with some variables, the results could be interesting to say the least.

sorry to bump. but did anyone finalize this? im looking to set a server but i want everything in place for when i do so i can buy, install and start playing.

google says theres servers out there with PVE days and PVP nights but no info on what mods or scripts i need

On some of the servers hosting you can actually run a schedules task between certain times, so you could turn pvp on then off between certain times. The type is either one time, daily, weekly or monthly. This is from my host Streamline.

This is quite easy to do if you are running Magma I can make one.