server seems to keep going back to deleted gamemode

My developer seems to keep having a problem with a Dakrp Game mode hes been customizing. He has tried putting in an updated version with different jobs and such but even after several attempts of trying to switch it, deleting caches, and delete the gamemode entirely it seems to keep the jobs from the old gamemode and stuff like that. Currently ULX is the only plugin In I believe if that helps. Anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

I’m not sure how DarkRP handles jobs, but it might save jobs in the data folder.

You might also have money data in sv.db in your server.

Also, your developer doesn’t sound like a decent developer, no offence.

Thanks. And hes really just a friend thats learning LUA, and I’m limited so I’ll take what I can get :).

Change the line in your server.cfg
sv_defaultgamemode ‘darkrp’

sv_defaultgamemode ‘sandbox’

Then whatever gamemode you want to use, change it from sandbox to the name of the gamemode folder.