Server selection - prevent this game from dying!

I know this is alpha, and all the more reason to restrict the number of servers.

If you are trying to find a server there are several thousand to choose from,
and finding servers boils down to the snappy name the admin chose.


  1. limit the number of servers

  2. Provide a better mechanism for browsing servers - perhaps a gui with the ability
    to choose the criteria you are looking for in a server.

  3. Have the servers registered in an indexed database, rather than having each of us poll and search for
    available servers each time we login. This is a waste of resources and is very slow. it would be much faster
    if the server lists were managed by Facepunch.

I agree. The servers need to be criteria driven. Cheatpunch enabled, No sleepers, Sleepers, PVP, PVE, Arena, etc… then a note section for special server things like weekly hunger games etc…

The list is so grand and finding a good server from within the game seems very difficult.

There may be a web page listing all servers where I could just net connect and be done with it, but this i’m not aware of.

There are a couple of “Top Rust Server” pages out there, I won’t post links but easy to Google :wink:

Unpopular servers will die off leaving the healthy ones, it is survival of the fittest and eventually the herd will be thinned.

But it would be nice to have more search criteria but I doubt that is a current priority for the developers.

This has to be done so you can see your ping to each server.

I want to agree with you however my experience shows that bad servers spawn more bad or empty servers. A lot of people will play on a bad server for a while then decide they will make there own. While they may mean well, 90% of the time they end up low population and they most likely will end up stop supporting it or just start abusing. Soon enough someone will split off and get there own server and start the cycle all over. Well that what I have noticed lately and in no way am I trying to say that it won’t in some way down the road fix itself, but as of now it’s looking bad.

I saw “Garry” when I read your name and instantly opened the thread. fucker

It’s a shame that the “Official” servers have the most population while at the same time are the worst representation of Rust’s potential. While I understand the financials involved in putting Admins on official servers, you are nonetheless reviewing data to make future adjustments to the game. Investigating chat logs and enforcing playing the game in the spirit intended should be included in the data review. As of now I am no longer participating as a guinea pig on any official servers.