Server Semi Glitched Out

Alright so I’ve fixed the issue of my TTT server where the round was never starting but we all were spectators and could kill each other but now I have a new list of issues. We can’t see our hands (on CS:S Weapons), can’t see our legs (Gmod Legs 3 from Workshop isn’t working for some reason), if you’re T and you buy something and you’re a T again you get an error (This weapon is currently out of stock.), and finally when one T dies you can open the scoreboard as D or Inno and see the rest of the T’s.

What addons do you have installed, do you have Tommynator’s MySQL Damagelog installed?

Yep I do indeed.

Are you 100% sure you set the MySQL up right? If you don’t, that kind of issue happens. Be 100% sure (like when you were sure about Pointshop MySQL :3).

Your best bet is to do a full reinstall and install mods one by one to make sure none of them fuck up.

Thing is this is a continuation from my old thread here and these glitches are the result of completely reinstalling the server. As stated this only happened when I uploaded some crowbar sweps to the pointshop (just the code to add them to pointshop not the actual models or materials.)

Get rid of those pointshop weapons and try then?

That was the first thing I tried. Didn’t work. I removed all addons. Didn’t work. Reinstalled the server. Didn’t work.

Also another issue I neglected to mention: We don’t have crowbars, magneto sticks, or holstered UNTIL the round starts then it just gives them to us.

If “reinstalled the server” didn’t work, then there’s something really fucked up with your server.
If by “reinstalled the server” you mean you deleted it completely, installed it again and didn’t add any mods when trying to playtest it.

It was deleted completely, installed again, and no mods added. Playtested. Still broken.

Get a new GSP? Something is obviously wrong with the one you currently host with.

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There’s no way a completely reinstalled server would glitch.

It may be an issue with the hundreds of lua files you have in garrymod/lua/ :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed. This was an issue with a lua/autorun file that I’d had and for some reason during the ‘wipe’ it was never deleted.