server setback..

hello Rust people!

So I changed the name of my server and apparently the server was set back a couple of days… is there anyway I can restore those days work?..

Probably not. Chances are you did not save.all before restarting the server. I made the same mistake once, it’s a simple thing to forget.

As a server admin you should do a backup daily or weekly but changing your name will not set you back two days. or any time at all. You can change the server name a hundred times and the only thing that happens is you have a new name.

You must have done something else.

Unless if there were no saves going on the whole time, then when he shut the server off to change the name, there was no save to go back to other than a super old one.

oh well… I’ve build the city once so I can do it again!
Not gonna let this setback beat me:P