Server settings c4

Hello everyone. I have a question. How can I enable / disable drop recipes and c4 c4 of zombies and drawers.

the easiest way I have seen is using oxide with the crafting controller plugin

you can also do it with leather and dropparty, but I’m not 100% sure it’s working.

Standard drop c4 of zombies and boxes?? And I would not want to use Oxide

Can only be done with either Oxide or Dropparty.

A standard these options are turned off or disconnected?

Please give a link to Dropparty

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Sorry, I just recently rented a server and do not know how to configure the plugin. I downloaded the plug-in and there is a file items.txt. I need it to C4 and recipes they spavnilisv boxes and did not drop out of the zombies?

You can disable crafting with drop party? I though it was just loot table modification…

Sorry, I’m on the bad and do not understand English (. I just want to remove the zombies coming out of the boxes and c4 and ritsept. With plug DropParty

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help pls =(

Find the file with “Explosives” listed in it and simply remove the line in that file that has Explosives listed. Be sure to go through all of the .cfg files to ensure you remove every instance of Explosives. This will make it so the item is never dropped and if it isn’t dropped then it can’t be researched, thus making it uncraftable and making C4 uncraftable as well.

Please help, my hoster says DropParty consumes a lot of resources. Oxid mod I do not want to put on the heavy load on the server. Are there any alternatives? My hoster

forgot dropparty! I try since three weeks to stop the c4 with rust++ and dropparty mod.

It doesn’t work, my game is fucked up, because I tell the player that no C4 exist and after a update from rust there are C4!

I never installed the dropparty any more.

all other here, who say that it works fine are kidding you, its a joke!

Oxide does not put a heavy load on your server generally, unless you have an outdated version, or you have a broken plugin causing problems.

Urgently need a plugin to control c4
pls help(

Essentials has the ability to stop the spawning and crafting of items. It also has the ability to remove the item from players’ inventories if they have the item somehow.