[Server Setup] Rust server and Windows Server 2008

So I’ve searched almost everywhere (forgive me if it is out there but I haven’t found it) for a fix, I’m trying to run a Rust Server on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, I have downloaded steamcmd, ran all the required stuff, downloaded the windows redistributable 2013 and below that as well, however when I go to run rust_server.exe in the legacy folder it crashes http://i.imgur.com/MU6shQ3.png. This is what is in my legacy folder http://i.imgur.com/ng6f1ab.png I’m sure things are missing, however I’m not sure how to fix this, I think the lua52.dll is needed but unaware of how to obtain it.


Trying to run rust legacy server on windows server 2008 keeps crashing, need help to resolve issue.

.net framework maybe? Can you confirm that’s installed?

Can confirm that it’s installed, unless I’m missing some?

Was just thinking off the top of my head. I ran experimental up on both 2008 R2 and later Server 2012 a while back and didn’t hit this issue so thought it may have been something along those lines.

Anything showing up in the Application event log relating to the app crash? might tell you a bit more about what’s going on

http://pastebin.com/j6wZuLy2 for the error log and http://pastebin.com/RxjRfZAj for the output_log, I’m honestly not sure here what the problem is, besides not having a graphics card on the server? I can run it just fine on my actual computer but whenever I try to run it on the dedicated server it fails.


Sorry didn’t mean to say no gfx card at all, instead I meant a lack of a gaming one only have a Matrox G200eW for the dedicated server.

Still have not found an answer or been able to resolve this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I understood what you meant. you don’t need anything special gfx card wise to run the dedicated server software.

Maybe post it in the bug reports section as officially they would be able to make sense of the dumps you posted up here or maybe someone else has also ran into the same problem.

I still suspect it may be to do with your .net framework or vcredist versions (or potential lack of) but unsure exactly what the prerequisites are to run the dedicated server software. Maybe check and double check that you are running the latest & correct versions of all of those as a start point.

Other than that I’m not sure what else it could be

Ok after some thinking I have resolved my issue:

1: Create Shortcut for rust_server.exe on desktop
2: Right click shortcuts and edit properties
3: In the target field add -batchmode at the end
4: Apply and run as admin.
5: Profit?

Hopefully this helps out anyone else that may encounter the issue.

Sorry, bad assumption on my part that you were already specifying -batchmode in your command line. Without that I can see why it was erroring out with the gfx that would be available to you in the server!

This will probably come in handy for you also - yes most of the server variables must be specified in the command llne arguments.

Don’t try to use the server.cfg just yet - it doesn’t work. for now your variables will be purely driven by your command line args. If you want to see an example I can post up my test experimental command line

Yea I was trying to run .bat’s instead of doing it through command lines, was trying to start 3d rendering which obviously doesn’t work, didn’t realize that arguments passed through batch files don’t get passed to the exe.