Server Setup

I have tried to setup a server for 9 hours straight now and i would like to give someone admin and/or pay them (my paypal account is down so i cant paypal any money over) to setup my server for me.

(I have a shared.lua already coded)
Fix the freezing guns,
That’s It I just need someone to fix the bugs in my system. I already have darkrp on the server.

if money, how much?

probably 5$ its not much todo…
I can only give from my debit card though

What are you setting your server up on? A GSP? Your home computer? I worked for a GSP for a while so I can most likely help you.

EDIT: I’ll do it for free

dedicated server from (I reinstalled it just need some one to check it and make sure guns dont freeze :D)

So you don’t need anyone to help you setup anymore?

Yea i do my weapons r still frozen

In DarkRP?

You need to get CSS content installed on the server.

I could use some assistance as well setting up a new server I just got. Its hosted remotely with 12 slots but when I go to join my server via my client at home it tells me server is using different class tables… I have basic knowledge of scripting and networking just seems hard to find a useful setup guide to get the server going… Eventually I would like to host a stranded server once I get past this class tables bump in the road.


I saw your other thread.

need help weapons cant be picked up unless your a rp_admin plz help (rp_grant name admin then they can pick up ?)


GRR! Stop making other threads! :stuck_out_tongue: