Server shows up on list, but server is not responding

I finally after a couple months of work was able to get my dedicated server to appear. opened all ports. dled just about every file i needed. etc. it appears on the list. but when i try to join the server it says server not responding and it wont show any info such as the players or latency. however the latency was 13 on the main list of servers so its not that. idk wat to do next. it just says server not responding and i heck the dedicated server on my desktop and it seeems to be running just fine.

well i can help add me on steam my name is Gravity

k i did.

Im having the same problem too and I can’t seem to fix it or anything so my RP server can allow people in it so I can have a fun time when I get on my pc. Steam acct is onebadkiller… my nickname is Horrizon. It works perfectly when I connect to it with lan shit but when its opening the global shit it fails i guess, I put sv_lan 0 and heatbeat in my autoexec.cfg and remade the server.cfg so idk

EDIT! I figured it out but my pc is too shitty to run the server xD you lagg when you spawn any props. so Ill do this again after I get a new pc which should be soon