Server side methods using key_enums, rather than in_enums?

I am developing a mod where many keys are used, the problem is, to detect the key presses i am using KeyDown() in a loop, however i am running out of keys. I then looked and found a couple of other ways like input.iskeydown, and “playerbindpress” but none of those will work correctly. Is there any way to detect more keys than the In_ENUM keys on server side?


input.IsKeyDown is the only other way, but as you know you can’t access that serverside. I think ply:KeyDown uses networking anyway, which you’ll probably have to do if you want to use IsKeyDown

Okay, thank you for the reply. I didn’t want to use it but I guess I do need to. I do have another question. Is there a premade text file or something in gmod that i can access in lua to write a line in to detect if it is written, or do I need to make my own, because I want to make a popup menu the only pops up once, ever.

file.Write and

file.Exists is what most addons use