Server size/capacity

Hey I was watching Lirik’s stream if anyone knows of him but anyways he was playing rust and I heard there was only one server is this true? Also I’m curious on how many total registered players are there so far and what is the max number of players that can play all at once since there is one server. not sure if this is the right place to post sorry.

There are 13,473 registered users.
Don’t know if it’s run on just one server though.

I recall one post as mentioning 580 players logged on at one point but I wouldn’t be surprised if these numbers were merely part of stress test for the server.

There was about 500 people after reddit flood . Now the game is much more peaceful.

I don’t think it’s the players that lag the server, I believe it’s all of the structures. The only way I could see it being the players lagging the server is, if they were to give an alpha key to everyone who posted a picture in the contest.

^lol everyone is hoping but that does sound logical that the structures lag the server since it does stay longer than the actual players most of the time and that might be the reason for the wipe

I hope Helk/Pat implements building decay so that abandoned buildings eventually get removed from the map.

That would be awesome! But how long would a building stand? Cause if you play alot and see your building disapear it would be pretty awefull. Think it’s should be in some kind of way, if the house isn’t used in some time it makes it self disapear.