Server staff.

Hello I am PreEntity, I am wondering if there is a need of staff for the server once it is released. I am planning to buy it as soon as it comes out into open beta, I think that it would be nice for other admins or mods to get to know me better before. If there is a spot for staff applications please excuse this post. I have seen in the chat on streams and on the site that some players can get very abusive. I think that there will be a need of staff in the future.


hello??? can i apply for admin??? thanks

hello hello hello i am would like face punch moderatorshipness

Garry plz mak me admen

where can i buy donator?

Just close the thread already…

Garry, I know we don’t know eachother and we have never met but can I have Facepunch?

Poor guy, probably doesn’t even know what he did wrong.

Poor guy walked into the rape train without a belt

make me facepunch admin or i will ddos u

Make me co-owner or I will scream really loud! No seriously I might break your eardums and that would make me feel bad

i wan de admin zo i can bawn and spzwn all ze peozplz and weponz wnz i diz can i plz haz no dat is a gweat examlz of y i wantz adminz

Are you a redditor

way way back in the day (2008 or so) i played on a darkrp server and applied for admin

my application was “i can give people toolgun if it’s not enabled” (this was back when toolgun wasn’t usually enabled by default on rp servers)

Did you get admin?


then some other admin took all of my money, i reported him, and then the servers went down


PS: Password seems to be downvoting all your posts :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember back in the day I was about to become admin but the owner chose an annoying girl because he was a tool

Another time on another server the owner accidentally made a stupid kid admin and the kid decided to fuck up the server. In the end he gave me admin. Then, when I came back to the server and the regular admins were in control, they found out that he gave me admin and I was banned.

I came back a week later, and I was unbanned, but still in the “banned” usergroup, so I couldn’t use any tools. I complained, and got perma’d.

I complained once and I was banned for 2 days