Server start up image.

I have just bought my own server and im trying to replace the start up image of the G when the files are downloading and replace this with an image of my own with rules on etc.
Can someone lead me on to a tutorial or something?
Thanks, Joemo

My server;
Name: G-Tards | 24/7 | DarkRP | Wire | PHX3 | ULX/ULIB | PCMOD
Gamemode: DarkRP
Map: rp_downtown_v2
Slots: 12

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Posted in wrong section can an admin move this to the Help section, Thanks.


sv_loadingurl ""

( being the webpage you want displayed, like your community website, or an motd like page) into your


, if you do not have an autoexec in your cfg folder just create one and add that in.

If you don’t have webspace you could try linking to an image, or find a free web host there are many of them out there… I could give you some small webspace to use, as could others so ask around… or if your on an actual dedicated server, vps or home hosting you create a small apache web server and use that.

If your planning on making a fancier loading screen, one that will shows files being downloaded and possibly player information that will take a bit more know how, might want to find someone who knows some javascript and or php to help you on that one, but that’s optional a simple webpage will do.

Here’s loading url wiki page. I’d check it out, could save you a lot of questions.

If you add me on steam I could code the loading website for you

Ad Yeah that would be great, also Tornado some small webspace would be great thanks :slight_smile:

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Adzter, would you like me to create the image then send it to you on steam?

Sure, Just make up a username and password in a PM, when I get a chance I’ll set it up. It wont be anything fancy its not professional hosting, just some free hosting I give out (Web,FTP,Mysql).

It could work out as a temporary host until you find something of your own.

You will need to have your own domain name but if you don’t have one I could setup a sub domain off mine for you to use.

Could i make a starting image on photoshop to use?

Usually they are coded in HTML but you might be able to use an image, i’m not entirely sure

He could create a background image.