Server Status

Post here when the server goes down or is down and comes back up

Currently its down

It’s been over 13 hours, I don’t get it.

There can be issues implementing updates, I’m sure there is a reason

i hope so…

Is that why I can’t log in…?

Server is back up!! :rock:

Server is up currently but seriously bugged, nothing spawning, nothing dropping and very hard to actually log in

She’s dead jim

Pretty sure this is why the wipe tomorrow is a good idea.

This is like the third wipe this week >.> I wonder if they have a serious issue or maybe an update is incoming?

Usually a wipe is because of an update, but maybe it’s because of the insane lag, although that only started tonight, when I noticed rumours of the update a few hours prior to the lag.

So here’s hoping there’s a few bug-fixes on the way as well as another fresh-start.

Server is up but not working very well, getting disconnected a lot

Yeah, I’d suggest putting your valuables in your inventory while you still just about can, and then wait for the inevitable wipe.

Earlier in the afternoon there was lag like this, but suddenly fixed for a good while, making the game playable again. It’s curious, because I can still manage my items around and craft perfectly, but changing weapons is nearly impossible.

You have to expect this game to be buggy. This game wasn’t even supposed to be discovered.

I have heard that you keep your inventory on wipes. Does anyone know if this one will be any different?

Everything on the map is wiped.

You keep your stuff on you.

Server was wiped and now back up not bugged

down for me, anyone else?

Down :frowning: