Server status

Gary wake up and do your job please buddy. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but AU and US servers are down.

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Calm yo tits.


Lol. yea I’m a little chilled now. It’ll just be nice to play the game on the weekends. Most frustrating thing is AU had no sign of DDos attack before going down.

i have to agree with OP No info from facepunch or garry for days. Very bad for image im sorry all u gold members that are on his tit need to understand too. He is selling keys for pretty much a non playable game. He needs that stuff fixed first before keys go out. I guess i am little to upset, not at game at the fact that not even a daily update even if it is samething everyday. Its the fact they r talking to us.

Pretty sure Garry has to take care of his recently born child.

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You guys are pretty selfish.

He may be the one selling the keys but youre the ones buying them this is an alpha… you must realize that. And to me if alpha servers are getting DDos’d it must mean the alpha is doing well. :confused:

yup and take ppls money. i had a baby and i worked even harder so u can stfu and he makes a hell of a lot of me than i do.

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i have had mine for a long time now and i didnt pay that fact that everyone sees is that there is no communication from them to their COMMUNITY. Called PR