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Now i have no idea why, but the server im manager on has ran into a problem. Out of no where the server just crashed, and didn’t re-open. So when i went to open it with CP, it tells me Status: “Unknown”, usually its only like online or offline… And the option for me to start/stop and restart the server were gone… Anyone have this problem? And just to clear things up, the host is HC Servers.
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I have no idea how does this have any connection with the Developer Discussion forum.
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Many reasons why it could have shut off. To be honest, if it’s a vPhysics crash, I sometimes have an issue getting the server to boot back on. You should contact your host, not us and enable console.log and see if there’s any errors in there went it boots/attempts to boot.

How would i go there…? This is closer to dev discussion… Could be wrong.

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Ah ok. I will do that. I cant view the logs since theres not actual way to open the server. The start button is gone.

If they are running TCAdmin they probably didn’t pay for the licence so it shuts all servers off and you will see “Unknown”.

Unknown also means something is missing, e.g the executable to launch the server or all your files are deleted.

Contact your host.

Thanks krabz. Im guessing thats it since it randomly started working again. And thats to everyone who consider my posts as dumb. You guys are the real mvps. :tinfoil: