Server still not responding

I have done everything from port forwarding to shutting down windows/McAfee firewall (avasts firewall doesn’t do anything on my friends… i dont think the free version has one)… ive done a bunch of other things. I forgot how i got my old serveron my old comp to work but idk what else todo… (btw it starts in console(the cmd prompt)

ALSO: every time it starts up i have to changegamemode to dark rp…
the default game mode is DarkRP and the map wont change to RP_downtown_v2 (even though its in the properties of shortcut.

Yea, it’s my server.

yeah its his

Thrilling. Is the server hosted through a company or off your own PC?

My own PC.


If you need them here are my specs:
System: 32 Bit
RAM: 2 GB (Getting more once I get some more money.)
Processor: Intel® Core™2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2CPUs),~1.9GHz
Card: NIVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE
And I have Windows 7 Ultimate and a 145GB and 500GB hard drive.

Has it worked before? What does it actually do when it ‘crashes’?

If it’s simply not starting up, make sure you have the IP set properly in the command line. Are you running through SRCDS or simply through Steam?

No, it starts up fine, it never has worked (made it yesterday), it never crashes, it’s through srcds, don’t know what you mean by the command line thing.
The problem is once the server is up it still says that it is lan I guess, if anyone attempts to join it just says Server Not Responding, but i’ve done everything, I think, forward ports, server.cfg, etc.

he uses the the steam gui way not the cmd line

Yea I was hoping to have done shit to it today (having off) but no one can help.

Use the command line one instead of the Steam one.

How do I do that exactly?

hes been using -command in the properties since…

Tried the simple sv_lan 0?

Not good enough. Use the actual command line one.

well mine works with the steam gui

How do i use the actual command line?

Still I have not gotten this to work, I have gone through the whole process 3 times now and I am getting frustrated!