Server 'Stopped'

Just wondering if there is any reason why the 3 servers I play on have just ‘stopped’? I cannot see them in the history and after searching through the lists they still aren’t there - i don’t hack etc. and I can still play on officials or join other servers.


They are all on the same host provider which went down most likely

Does it happen often? It is 3 completely random servers that I play, any idea if there is a usual time that it they are down for?

Lol nobody has access to that info because the server provider - most likely a provider went down for maintenance or is being ddosed

And as luck has it those three servers are on the same provider - look at you!


You’re not the only one, just had an Australian server go down. Plus a reddit threads reflecting the same issue.


Scouring for a possible cause… quite a few servers around have just stopped. We received a notice, got kicked. No warning or time to prepare for boot.

Plus the DEV beta’s out on steam now too. Just observing what I’ve seen.

We’re still online :slight_smile:

All welcome.

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MULTIPLAY - Server ‘Stopped’!

what u tryna say dawg??

mine shut itself down about an hr ago, only just noticed, restarted now.

Maybe there’s a scheduled update due or something?

Mine on multiplay shows off.

Our(not mine though) multiplay server is down as well. they probably are getting hit atm

Mine (Multiplay) were down. I just hit “start” and they’re back up.

My Multiplay went down like 6 hours ago also…

I did that too and it is back. in my logs I see a huge CPU spike right before they went offline.

I’ve seen that too from time to time. I wonder if it’s an indicator of an exploit, like a team of dupers got on or something. But yea, confirming mine had a cpu spike right before it went down. Maybe an update went out?

Beg pardon?

Just stating that I observed our server, and several other servers (reported by others) go down with out restarting. Right around the time a DEV beta was released on steam. Whether this is the fault or complete coincidence I wouldn’t know. Seeing as the beta is elective (don’t have to get it) it probably isn’t causing it.

our server is on Multiplay also.
We got a email saying they were moving server to a new box.
This might be the reason the servers were down.
Our server was down from 3 till 6pm and we had to manually restart it.